The Case For Faith

The Case for Faith Lee Strobel

QUICK HIT: Focusing on some of the toughest questions of faith, The Case for Faith small group series is sure to have your small group talking. This series would be especially useful for new Christians or seekers.

Following up his wildly successful book The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel then decided to tackle some of the most common objections to the Christian faith in The Case for Faith. While not quite as well known, the book dealt with a number of issues within the Christian faith, especially the problem of evil and the problem of exclusivity. It’s these two questions—Why is there evil? and Is Jesus the only way to God?­—that Strobel focuses on in this six week series.

Just like in the DVD series for his other volumes, Strobel arranges each week’s video presentation into three parts—two primary video segments and a conclusion. The hope is to break up the passive video teaching with some active discussion and involvement from the group. This helps keep the conversational flow going because the participants are discussing a video point from the last five minutes instead of something twenty-five minutes ago. I’ve experimented with a number of ways of presenting video material to my youth group, and I’ve consistently found that the model used by Strobel and his team work best.

The six sessions are as follows:

  • The Challenge of Faith
  • Dealing with Doubts
  • Evil and Suffering, part 1
  • Evil and Suffering, part 2
  • Why is Jesus the Only Way to God?
  • The Power of Faith

Perhaps my favorite part is the second week were the discussion turns to how to deal with doubts. So often in the church, we see any form of doubt as a sign that we are less holy or less Christian or don’t actually believe. Strobel actually encourages doubt because with questions come the need and desire for answers—answers that the Bible has. Knowing why you believe strengthens your meaning, meaning that having doubts can ultimately lead to a more informed faith.

Recently, I’ve been studying the book of Romans and, of course, I’ve come across that popular verse in 12:2 about not conforming but transforming. But how does the verse say to be transformed? Through the renewing of your mind. Paul is saying that the best way to live the Christian life is to have an informed faith that accepts the challenges brought to it. I believe this study series is an excellent way of taking that verse to heart and working on the renewal of your mind.

That said, my one complaint is the same complaint I’ve had of the other two volumes as well: I wanted more content. The content is there; The Case for Faith discussed way more issues than the two highlighted in the small group series and they were issues that the series would have benefited from.

In the end, The Case for Faith is a solid series that my youth group thoroughly enjoyed and one I’ll probably cycle back to in a couple of years or so.

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