Your New Money Mindset – Brad Hewitt & James Moline

Your New Money Mindset - Brad Hewitt & James Moline

QUICK HIT: In Your New Money Mindset, Brad Hewitt and James Moline join forces to provide a well-researched study into the Christian financial outlook and determine ways in which Christians can do better financially, give more generously, and feel more secure in doing so.

Nearly 50% of Christians in the United States feel financially insecure. More than 85% feel they do not have enough to share generously. That’s how Hewitt (CEO of Thrivent Financial) and Moline (a licensed psychologist) start Your New Money Mindset.

That’s both a statement that should shock you and a statement that probably doesn’t come as a surprise, because, well, statistically you’re likely to be one of those people. Hewitt and Moline don’t point fingers and say that rampant consumerism is the cause, nor do they rail on Christians for bad budgeting habits, but they simply lay the facts out as they are. This isn’t about the amount of money you have or don’t have, it’s about your relationship to it.

In the book, they develop five different attitudes toward money:

  • Surviving: Feeling drained, trapped, with little sense of hope. 6% of US Christians.
  • Struggling: Feeling strapped in the present and anxious about the future. 11% of US Christians.
  • Stable: Feeling okay, experiencing relative calm but hoping for more. 32% of US Christians.
  • Secure: Feeling mostly confident. 38% of US Christians.
  • Surplus: Feeling grateful and ready to share. 13% of US Christians.

They also develop four different dichotomies, as laid out in their chapter outline:

  • Longing for Security, Living in Freedom
  • Longing for Independence, Living in Community
  • Longing for More, Living in Contentment
  • Longing for Success, Living in Our Calling

This chapter breakdown is perfect, because it doesn’t negate the desire for the “longing for” quality, but rather shows how a worldly pursuit of it is incomplete and only made whole in living in the “living in” quality. In order to achieve the former, you must live in the latter. It’s a powerful statement that reinvents a lot of financial advice.

The best thing about this book is that it is financial advice from a non-financial perspective. Not that it doesn’t have great financial tips, but rather that its focus isn’t get-out-of-debt-and-get-more-money but first changing your mindset and then seeing how that changes your habits and practices.

Your New Money Mindset also comes with an online assessment tool that dovetails with the book nicely. It’s a great way to truly evaluate yourself and see what you could do better. Listen, I care about this stuff because I see so many people in the vain pursuit of more, not even realizing that more is a concept that can never be grasped. If I had to summarize this book’s message in one sentence, here it is: Be content and be generous. Your New Money Mindset will help you make money worries and insecurities a thing of the past!