God is Forever (What is God Like? #3) – William Lane Craig

God is Forever (What is God Like? #3) - William Lane Craig

QUICK HIT: Best known for his academic work in theology and philosophy, Dr. William Lane Craig shifts gears in What is God Like? to bring these often complicated doctrines about God to a level that children can understand. In God is Forever, Craig focuses on God’s relationship with time, asking questions like “Who Created God?” and contrasting the eternality of God with the temporal nature of humanity.

Brown Bear and Red Goose return with their children, John and Charity, to teach young readers another lesson about the nature of God. While book 2, God is Everywhere, focuses on God’s relationship with space, book 3, God is Forever, focuses on God’s relationship with time.

The question “Who Created God?” is one asked by children and adults alike. It’s a very common question and, when you think about it, it’s a very natural and quite adept question to ask. It’s a question that shows you your child is really thinking about the nature of God.

Now, if you’re talking to an adult, it would probably be appropriate to wax eloquent about the need for an uncaused First Cause. It would be especially relevant to note that when the Big Bang Theory was first introduced, scientists shunned it because it meant the universe had a beginning (thus implying a Beginner). Until that point, the universe had been considered (like God) to be eternal. The changing of the cosmological model actually gave more credence to the existence of God as the First Cause.

But to children, this means nothing and is terribly complex. Which is why Dr. Craig breaks it down into age-appropriate chunks that clearly show God as separate from creation and thus separate from time. The story also draws the contrast between the eternality and temporal nature of humans. Building on the previous books, God is Forever, shows children that we can also live with God forever in a new earth created after the old earth passes away.

Again, Dr. Craig builds in areas where children can ask further questions (and parents should respond thoughtfully!). The illustrations by Marli Renee are wonderful and children will enjoy either being read this book or reading it by themselves. A wonderful addition to the series that builds upon the concepts learned in the previous books. Click the Series link above to view our reviews of the entire ten book set.

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