God is All-Powerful (What is God Like? #6) – William Lane Craig

God is All-Powerful (What is God Like? #6) - William Lane Craig

QUICK HIT: Best known for his academic work in theology and philosophy, Dr. William Lane Craig shifts gears in What is God Like? to bring these often complicated doctrines about God to a level that children can understand. In God is All-Powerful, Craig introduces the omnipotence of God and even defines those terms by discussing what God cannot do.

A lot of Christian children’s books tell us that God can do anything. Very few actually decide to qualify their terms and define anything. Perhaps before reading this book, you should ask your children to name some things that God can’t do.

But…but…he’s all¬-powerful. Well, yes, but there still some things God can’t do. Can God sin? Can he make a square circle? Can he make a rock so big he can’t lift it? God is All-Powerful not only shows us the greatness of God, but it also clearly and simply shows that omnipotence does not apply to things that are nonsensical, whether that’s God violating his own nature or violating the rules of logic.

Craig uses this as a way of introducing the concept of free will and why God couldn’t create a world where everyone always freely did the right thing. As always, practical application is never lacking. Mama reminds the children that the all-powerful nature of God resides in them through the Holy Spirit and that they practically have superpowers.

I especially love this one for the practical application. It’s one thing to understand the power of God and completely another to understand how it works itself out in your own spirit as you live out the Christian life.

Marli Renee’s illustrations continue to impress. They’re simple, but never sloppy and serve to focus on the text. A lot of children’s books focus on the illustration and usually this illustration method would be a weak point, but given the ethereal nature of the topic, it works well. Like the books before it, God is All-Powerful builds upon the previous concepts discussed and leads readers through a progression and systematically covers the nature of God.

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