Waking Up – Ted Dekker

Waking Up Ted Dekker

QUICK HIT: In this short, 25 page ebook exclusive, NYT Bestseller Ted Dekker details a very personal crisis of faith that led him to embrace it even stronger. Waking Up tells the story of a man who believed all the right things but was still struggling.

I’ve known Ted for a long time and I’ve heard his story and been there as he’s worked through trying to word exactly what this experience actually is. I’ve seen a total revitalization of Ted, both in his person and in his writings and, if you’ve read any of his recent works, the content of this 25 page self-reflection shouldn’t much surprise you.

Waking Up: How I Found My Faith By Losing It is an ebook exclusive meant to pair with the release of A.D. 33.

My experience wasn’t lining up with what I thought I believed. That’s how Ted begins his story. At the height of his NYT bestselling career. A successful CBA novelist now with a “secular” publisher and writing like a madman. It should have been the pinnacle of success, but it was there he had a crisis of faith.

I mean, I believed all the right things about God, but could I really let go of everything…? And this begins a very personal and very honest journey of faith. This is Dekker’s soul laid out, not because it’s easy for him but because it’s necessary for him to share this story. Does Christianity actually change anything?

In Waking Up Ted Dekker strikes right at the heart, underlining the Christian journey of more than just himself, telling the story of a person who knew and believed all the right things, so why was it not all working out? In the end, what Dekker discovers is that “What matters isn’t our stated belief and doctrine but how we live and what we experience in the story of our lives.”

The second quarter of the book is a summary of Dekker’s upbringing. If you’re familiar with The Slumber of Christianity—his first non-fiction book—then you’ll be familiar with most of the information here. All of this leads to his new awakening.

This new awakening, as any who have read the A.D. series knows, is all about finding identity, purpose, and destiny in the person of Jesus Christ. We are united with Christ. We don’t have to do good deeds to please the Father, the Father is pleased by our existence in Him. For Ted, he found the meaning of life in being loved by the Father.

The last half is a manifesto of sorts, a clarion call for others to jump the divide, to dive deep, to drown in Elyon’s waters, one might say. Go on. Take it. Dive deep. See what love the Father has lavished upon his children.

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