Addicted to Busy Brady Boyd

Addicted to Busy – Brady Boyd

June 28, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Addicted to Busy is a wakeup call to a generation that needs to slow down, enjoy downtime, and just rest…if only we can get them to take time out to read the book. Hi, […]

The Leap Robert Dickie

The Leap – Robert Dickie

June 26, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: The Leap is a great book for you if you are looking at any sort of entrepreneurial or creative type job. The Leap is for the restless, the hungry, those big ideas and inclinations […]

The Better Life Claire Diaz-Ortiz

The Better Life – Claire Diaz-Ortiz

May 11, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Drawing extensively from her life as a young entrepreneur, Claire Diaz-Ortiz gives a quick look at how to life The Better Life. The Better Life, for me, was more a cheerleader reminding me that I […]