Malestrom Carolyn Custis James

Malestrom – Carolyn Custis James

June 28, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: From cover to cover, Malestrom is on point and powerful. It’s a book to be wrestled with because, even if you don’t consciously submit to some of the false ideas she challenges, chances are […]

A More Christlike God Bradley Jersak

A More Christlike God – Bradley Jersak

June 22, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: In A More Christlike God, Bradley Jersak seeks to eliminate the violent imagery of the atonement and replace it with other metaphors and analogies found in Scripture. While he does well in reacting to […]

Afterlife Hank Hanegraaff

Afterlife – Hank Hanegraaff

June 22, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Written by Hank Hanegraaff, known as the “Bible Answer Man,” Afterlife is an encyclopedic type of resource that seeks to answer some of the most-asked questions about heaven. There’s so much misinformation and hype […]

Praying Upside Down Kelly O'Dell Stanley
Discipleship Resources

Praying Upside Down – Kelly O’Dell Stanley

June 19, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Praying Upside Down is one of the most revolutionary books on prayer I’ve had the privilege of reading. Part memoir, part prayer manual, Kelly O’Dell Stanley roots her theology of prayer in her own life […]

Against the Flow John Lennox

Against the Flow – John Lennox

June 15, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Against the Flow is a testament to the fact that Dr. John Lennox does nothing half-way. The writing is meaty and substantive, the research thorough and wide-ranging, the applicative points poignant and heartfelt. This […]

Look and Live Matt Papa

Look and Live – Matt Papa

June 4, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Matt Papa doesn’t really cover material that I’ve not seen before, or even preached on myself for that matter. That’s fine. It’s his passion that makes this book a must-read. He’ll get you […]