Against the Flow John Lennox

Against the Flow – John Lennox

June 15, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Against the Flow is a testament to the fact that Dr. John Lennox does nothing half-way. The writing is meaty and substantive, the research thorough and wide-ranging, the applicative points poignant and heartfelt. This […]

Before Amen Small Group Resource Max Lucado

Before Amen – Max Lucado

June 14, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: In Before Amen, Max Lucado is at his best. Each video lesson in the four week series runs around 20 minutes. The accompanying discussion guide follows each lesson with around ten discussion questions and, most […]

Ready to Wed
Marriage Resources

Ready to Wed – ed. Greg and Erin Smalley

June 10, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Ready to Wed is a fountain of needed advice that will start your marriage off right. Stop planning for the wedding and start planning for the marriage. Only 35-40% of engaged couples seek out […]

Abba's Child Brennan Manning
Discipleship Resources

Abba’s Child – Brennan Manning

June 10, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Brennan Manning’s meanderings and musing fill paragraphs and pages with nary a header to remind you of the topic because how can you forget? If you’ve never heard of Brennan, Abba’s Child excellent […]

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