Every Bitter Thing is Sweet - Sara Hagerty

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet – Sara Hagerty

November 12, 2018 JoshOlds 1

QUICK HIT: Sara’s story in Every Bitter Thing is Sweet is simply incredible, as is the choice to learn through adversity, to be redirected when God closes doors, and to embrace a plan that’s not your own […]

Failing at Fatherhood Jack Barr

Failing at Fatherhood – Jack Barr

June 29, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Failing at Fatherhood is an honest look into a broken man’s past and what he is now doing different in order to heal and succeed and thrive. It’s a wonderful story of God fixing […]

Street God Dimas Salaberrios

Street God – Dimas Salaberrios

June 4, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Street God is an intense, mouth-punch of a memoir that shows God at work even in the worst of situations through the worst of people for his glory. And it shows that actually giving […]

Diary of a Jackwagon Tim Hawkins

Diary of a Jackwagon – Tim Hawkins

June 1, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: Diary of a Jackwagon is a fun-filled collection of comedy vignettes. Maybe you read one every night before bed, like a devotional or something…or maybe not. Maybe you just straight up read the book […]

Waking Up Ted Dekker

Waking Up – Ted Dekker

May 30, 2018 JoshOlds 0

QUICK HIT: In this short, 25 page ebook exclusive, NYT Bestseller Ted Dekker details a very personal crisis of faith that led him to embrace it even stronger. Waking Up tells the story of a man who […]